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Doss Press seeks to serve Christians everywhere through presenting for the benefit of all the rich treasures of the Church's history, doctrine, spirit, and life.

Having been granted, by God's mercy and grace, the blessing and privilege both of being raised in an authentic Coptic Orthodox Christian home and of sitting for over a decade at the feet of one of the preeminent teachers of the Coptic Orthodox Church in modern times — a man whose faithfulness, singularity of purpose, soundness of teaching, and sincerity of life are easily perceptible to all who encounter him — we have learned firsthand the importance of knowing and abiding by the teaching of Christ and the Church for our salvation and that of those whom we encounter. To that end, we thought it good to share through this humble initiative, whether in publications, service, or other means, the fruit of this teaching and example, while also providing a platform for others to likewise share the benefit of their own discipleship and learning, for the glory of God.

We ask you to join us, firstly by your prayers and then by your written submissions, for our common edification and growth in faith and the knowledge of God, to Whom be glory forever. Amen.

Anthony Doss & Andrew Doss




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