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Ten Commandments for Sunday School Servants

Hegumen Antonios Ragheb

Ten Commandments For Sunday School Servants, by Hegumen Antonios Ragheb, a man whose ecclesial identity, theological acumen, and selfless service in theological education and pastoral care spanned over five decades in both Egypt and the United States of America, contextualizes and lays the framework for the proper approach to the service of Sunday School, and, more generally, of teaching in the Church.


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The Very Reverend Hegumen Antonios Ragheb was born Labib Ragheb Fahmy in Shubra, Egypt on April 4, 1921. After graduating from the University of Cairo in 1943, he joined the Theological Seminary in Mahmasha in 1948, and subsequently served as the Sunday School Trustee of St. Antonios Coptic Orthodox Church in Shubra, Egypt. On May 28, 1972, he became the first person ordained to the priesthood by the late His Holiness Pope Shenouda III. In 1978, Fr. Antonios was sent to serve various churches in the United States, after which he was entrusted to permanently shepherd the congregation of St. George and St. Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church in Jersey City, NJ in 1985. He faithfully served this community until September 3, 1999, on which date he departed in peace.

ISBN: 9781312003996
St. George & St. Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church - Jersey City, NJ, USA

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