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Festal Works of the Fathers

The proper celebration of the Feasts of the Church, which constitute an integral part of her liturgical calendar, is essential to the realization of a robust Orthodox Christian mode of life and thought. Such celebration requires that the Feasts be understood not only historically or scripturally, but also in a personal, ecclesial, and theological manner. Having themselves so enjoyed and soundly comprehended the Feasts, the Fathers, through their words, enable us to join them in celebrating the Feasts in the spirit as well as the understanding.


By presenting a compilation of Patristic texts on the Feasts of the Coptic Orthodox Church, this work is a helpful and convenient means by which the reader may begin to approach, or become all the more immersed within, the depths of a truly Orthodox Christian life.



ISBN: 9781312781467

Festal Works of the Fathers

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