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The Coptic Orthodox Lectionary In Diagram

Andrew A. Doss


The primary curriculum of education in the life of the Church is and has always been liturgy, including not only personal and communal worship, but also the important element of a cycle of readings established for the believers’ formation according to the life, teaching, and example of the Lord Jesus Christ. Central to the liturgical experience of the Coptic Orthodox Church is the Lectionary, which presents the Holy Scriptures in nine interconnected readings alongside the hagiographical works in the Synaxarium within the context of liturgical worship.


The Coptic Orthodox Lectionary In Diagram depicts the readings of the entire liturgical calendar of the Coptic Church in an analytical format, presenting the Lectionary both according to the days, weeks, months, and seasons of the Church year and in comparison with the entirety of the Holy Scriptures, thereby utilizing advanced data analysis to provide a holistic summary of this deeply formative liturgical curriculum of Coptic Orthodox Christian education.


About the Author:

Andrew A. Doss, co-founder of Doss Press, is an ordained Reader in the Coptic Orthodox Church and a current student of Theology at the University of Notre Dame, having completed the curriculum of study in Theology at the Pope Shenouda III Coptic Orthodox Theological Seminary and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from the Rutgers University School of Business.



ISBN: 9781304254696

The Coptic Orthodox Lectionary In Diagram

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