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Coptic Language

Further Reading:

  • Adeeb B. Makar, The Abbreviated Coptic-English Dictionary.

  • Bentley Layton, A Coptic Grammar With Chrestomathy and Glossary: Sahidic Dialect.

  • Bentley Layton, Coptic in 20 Lessons: Introduction to Sahidic Coptic With Exercises & Vocabularies.

  • Fr. Shenouda M. Ishak (Emile Maher Ishak), The Phonetics and Phonology of the Bohairic Dialect of Coptic and the Survival of Coptic Words in the Colloquial and Classical Arabic of Egypt and of Coptic Grammatical Constructions in Colloquial Egyptian Arabic (4 Volumes).

  • Gregory E. Sterling, Coptic Paradigms: A Summary of Sahidic Coptic Morphology.

  • J. Martin Plumley, An Introductory Coptic Grammar (Sahidic Dialect).

  • James P. Allen, Coptic: A Grammar of Its Six Major Dialects.

  • Jaroslav Černý, Coptic Etymological Dictionary.

  • Jean-Luc Fournet, The Rise of Coptic: Egyptian verses Greek in Late Antiquity.

  • Johanna Brankaer, Coptic: A Learning Grammar (Sahidic).

  • Monir Barsoum Raphael, A Hundred Pages for You.

  • Richard Smith, A Concise Coptic-English Lexicon (2nd Edition).

  • Sameh Younan, So, You Want to Learn Coptic? A Guide to Bohairic Coptic.

  • Thomas O. Lambdin, Introduction to Sahidic Coptic.

  • W.E. Crum, A Coptic Dictionary.

  • William H. Worrell, Coptic Sounds.

Disclaimer: This list serves as a collection of various perspectives, titles, and backgrounds, and may not necessarily endorse the teaching, history, and understanding of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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