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Free Articles

Bishop Youannis of El Gharbiyya, “The Motives of Martyrdom in Christianity,” Become Orthodox Blog (July 2015).

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Fr. Matthew Attia, “The Catechetical School of Alexandria,” Become Orthodox Blog (July 2015).

“Old Bohairic Pronunciation,”

Fr. Shenouda M. Ishak, “The Phonetics and Phonology of the Bohairic Dialect of Coptic and the Survival of Coptic Words in the Colloquial and Classical Arabic of Egypt and of Coptic Grammatical Constructions in Colloquial Egyptian Arabic,” Oxford University (1975).

His Holiness Moran Mar Ignatius Zakka Iwas, “Holy Tradition: Divine, Apostolic, and Patriarchal,” Become Orthodox Blog (December 2015).

Robert Louis Wilken, "Friendship in Truth," First Things (June 2021).

Robert Louis Wilken, “Culture and the Light of Faith,” First Things (February 2011).

Robert Louis Wilken, “The Church’s Way of Speaking,” First Things (August 2005).

Robert Louis Wilken, “The Lives of the Saints and the Pursuit of Virtue,” First Things (December 1990).

Stanley Hauerwas, "Go with God," First Things (November 2010).

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